Add a Maintenance Mode

Add a Maintenance Mode

AntoineAntoine Siemplify Champion
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I think it would be great for the Platform manager to be able to active a "Maintenance Mode".

This mode could also be segmented into a few options depending on the type of the maintenance.

Here is an example how this mode could work:

Displays a yellow banner which tells us the server under maintenance along with the details about what is currently limited.

The following actions could be selected, and it would define the impact of this on-going maintenance:

  • Platform Maintenance
  • Database Maintenance
  • Integration Maintenance
  • A specific Action
  • Connector Maintenance
  • Playbook Maintenance
  • Job Maintenance

Depending on the impact, the following things could be restricted:

  • Access to the Platform
  • The use of an Integration
  • The use of a Connector
  • The use of a Job
  • The notifications

There are many things to consider but overall, this would be a great start if we could just have a default “Maintenance Mode” which would prevent users from logging in for example.

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