List of Alerts like trigger

List of Alerts like trigger

It would be very useful to include a list of alerts that can trigger the execution of a playbook (something like a csv list or similar that can be loaded as a trigger), currently there are 7 spaces in the custom trigger, but for some systems with different types and names of alerts it is difficult to cover all the alerts with only one playbook. 

As you can see in the image, this custom trigger is already full with the alerts and it's not possible to group another alert for the same playbook

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  • AntoineAntoine Siemplify Champion

    I think it is possible to do that with Custom List. You would have to create a "Category" in which you put the alert names and use the Custom List Trigger.

    I agree the maximum number of parameters is quite limited as well as for the conditional statements. It would be great to see improvement on that side.

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