Convert an existing playbook into a block

Convert an existing playbook into a block

OriOri Siemplify Champion
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The idea is pretty simple, say i have a long existing playbook (in my case a very long enrichment playbook that uses many actions) and i want to create a block based on that specific playbook so i could add it into many playbooks later on.

I would like to have the option to import the actions of the existing playbook directly when creating a block instead of having to configure the whole playbook as a block once again.



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  • AntoineAntoine Siemplify Champion

    Hello @Fluffy, there is apparently a feature request for that. Here is the last information I got from Siemplify's Support 2 months ago:

    "Our product team advised that this feature will be available on minor releases and is already on the roadmap."

  • ShakedTalShakedTal Community Team

    Hi @Antoine, correct. This feature request is scheduled in the roadmap. You can see that I have changed the statuses of the ideas that are currently scheduled in the Roadmap.

  • OriOri Siemplify Champion

    Thanks! 😄

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