Hide playbook action clutter from case wall

Hide playbook action clutter from case wall

Daniel HarveyDaniel Harvey Siemplify Champion
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I like the case wall as a nice run-sheet of events happened so far - But when you have large playbooks running, it feels less like a collaborative space for analysts, and more like a parameter dump for playbook action results.

Playbook actions are already displayed on the right hand side of the overview screen when you select a playbook, I don't feel like they're necessary in the Case Wall and cause too much noise.

It would be great if we could hide the [playbook] "Actions" and save that as the default filter, or just remove them entirely. That way an Analyst can focus on what's important - Comments, tasks, and insights.

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  • AntoineAntoine Siemplify Champion

    @Daniel Harvey,

    Without necessarily focusing on the "Playbook Actions", I think it would be very valuable if analysts were able to configure the way the Case Wall is displayed.

    As for the unassigned cases or by Tiers, there could be the option to customize the Case Wall view.

  • Daniel HarveyDaniel Harvey Siemplify Champion

    @Antoine Lafond Agreed & a good point, I could probably have generalised the suggestion just "allow analysts to customise the case wall", but I think that's going to be the best solution regardless

  • Nir LoyaNir Loya Product Team

    Hi @Daniel Harvey and @Antoine Lafond,

    As part of our roadmap, we currently design an ability for analysts to customize and highlight the relevant case information - including notable wall items such as comments, tasks and insights - and manage it in templates based on the alert type and other parameters.

    Part of this design will take off some of the information overload you experience on the case wall and leave it to serve the purpose it was designed for - audit and document the investigation and response for the alerts in the case.

    We've already discussed with you guys separately and shared our thoughts, if you'd like - we'd love to schedule a meeting to present the overview customization concept and hear how it works for you :)

  • Marek KreulMarek Kreul Siemplify Gold Member

    I totally agree with the suggestions and description above. Having a dedicated space to describe the case investigation is important, but it may also be important to have a chronological view of everything that happened in a case, even each playbook step. However, these should be separated by default, and especially this last, most granular view should only be available on specific request by the analyst, but never by default.

    Ultimately, something like a "drill down" would be perfect - going from a general overview of what the case is about, to highlighted analysis results, to all analysis steps, to absolutely all activity that happened in the case. However, this may be more than is suggested in the current idea :)

    Still, I'm always interested in getting an early glimpse of the roadmap and concepts of how the product will look like in 6 or 9 months.

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