Siemplify's New Community Edition Release

Siemplify's New Community Edition Release

I am very excited to announce that we have officially released a new version of the community edition. What’s new in this version? 

1 - Integration Marketplace capability enhancement - in addition to several UI changes, category filters and additional filters have been added to enable quicker and easier navigation. In addition, you can also configure an integration to a default instance without accessing the configure tab. 

2 - Use Case Marketplace capability enhancement - with a brand new snazzy look, the use case Marketplace has gone through several changes that enable quicker and easier value - a wizard to run the entire deployment & configuration of a use case in one place, category filters that were added for quicker navigation and new use cases that have been added to the marketplace. 

3 - Publish Integrations - in this new release you can now share your own custom integrations with other community members directly from the IDE. These integrations will be validated by Siemplify before published to the official Siemplify Marketplace for others to use.

4 - Grouping Mechanism - Siemplify now allows its users to create grouping alert rules. These rules allow you to have greater flexibility and granularity in defining how to group incoming alerts into cases. 

5 - Deployment via Virtual box - with this new release we have added the ability to deploy the Community Edition OVA via VirtualBox. You can find the guide in the following link.

You can download the new Community Edition Version from the "Download Siemplify" icon in the Community website or in the following link.

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