Be able to see Additional_properties in new cases

Be able to see Additional_properties in new cases

Miquel_TurMiquel_Tur Siemplify Champion

Actually when you create an additional property it is only available for the case you opened and to see it globally, but if you have a new case, you won't be able to see additional properties added in previous cases, so if you need to take actions depending on previous cases, you can't do it checking additional properties of the entity.

There should be additional "case-specific" and g"lobal" properties that could be get from the new cases.



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  • Nir LoyaNir Loya Product Team


    Which additional property would you like to add? what is the use case for checking this property for previous cases during current case investigation?

  • Miquel_TurMiquel_Tur Siemplify Champion

    Hi Nir,

    You could want to save previous investigations results on entities, to save time and not investigate again, or for example, in my case, to save licence requests. I have a small ThreatGrid licence, so I don't want to upload twice the same sample, so I want to save the ThreatGrid Sample ID and the result Score.

    I remain at your disposal for any further questions.


  • Nir LoyaNir Loya Product Team

    Thank you Miguel, this is a great feedback and we'll add it to our roadmap.

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