Playbook deactivate actions

Playbook deactivate actions

I have noticed, that it's so far not possible to deactivate actions in a playbook.

In our secondary orchestrator I like to use that feature while developing, so kick out broken actions, and test them later on when I have time :)

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  • OriOri Siemplify Champion

    Hey @Linus Laeubli , if I'm getting your question right, you could deactivate an action by following those steps:

    Go to IDE under the Siemplify portal

    from there choose your desired action under the integrations menu, toggle the activation bar and click save:

    P.s - one of the things that i like to do while checking playbooks is to toggle actions into manual status while debugging workflows,

    so the action wont automatically play, it will wait for your activation approval on the case overview:

  • Marek KreulMarek Kreul Siemplify Gold Member

    Hi @Ori we have basically the same request, if I understood @Linus Laeubli correctly.

    For us, ths usecase is that we have a "production" and a "staging" environment that use the same playbooks and same integration endpoints.

    A playbook being tuned in Staging, however, should usually not send out a notification ticket to our SOC, for example, thus we'd like to set this one step to "disabled" directly in the playbook. The underlying integration action, however, should still be enabled and available - if I'm not mistaken we would not even be able to save the playbook if it contained unavailable / disabled integration actions, right?

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