Deploying end to end use cases in just one click

Deploying end to end use cases in just one click

Whether you are just starting out or simply looking for ideas to enhance your current playbook automation, the Use Case Marketplace is a unique platform built to benefit your entire security operations workflow. 

Launching alongside the 5.5 version release is the new Use Case Marketplace. This new tab in the Marketplace allows you to access, download and simulate a wide range of predefined end-to-end use cases created by Siemplify power Users and Partners. 

The use case marketplace is also a unique way for community members to share instantly deployable use cases they run in their soc. How can you do this? Create a use case by clicking on the upload use case button, choose the elements that will be part of your use case and share it with the community. The use case will then be reviewed and approved by Siemplify team and uploaded to the official Siemplify use case marketplace. 

If you are just getting started in the Siemplify Platform, we created a “Zero to Hero Phishing Use Case” to give you a quick way to run a phishing solution in your Siemplify platform. This playbook can run as a simulation and as a production automation using the playbooks and guides provided. 

Want to get started with your first use case? Read the quick start guide in the following link or follow the video inside the “Zero to Hero Phishing Use Case”



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