Getting started in Siemplify Community

Getting started in Siemplify Community

ShakedTalShakedTal Community Team
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Welcome to the Siemplify Community🤗

Here’s where you’ll find a buzzing community of SOAR professionals from around the world with one common mission: bringing their Siemplify platform to the next level.

The community is made up of Siemplify users, partners and employees and serves as your go-to destination for Siemplify product know-how, support and thought leadership on best practices.

Here are some tips and tricks on using Siemplify Community:

  • Use the reactions to share how you feel about discussions, comments and questions.
  • Mention others. To let someone know you are talking about or too them put the @ symbol before the username. They’ll get notified when you do.
  • Update your notification settings. You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from your edit profile page.
  • Bookmark a discussion (click the star) to get notifications for new comments. You can edit notification settings from your profile.
  • Check out the forum from your mobile phone. Just go to the forum URL in your browser - no need to download an app.
  • Markup your posts with simple HTML tags and preview your comment before posting.
  • Choose titles for your posts that are clear and concise.
  • Don’t forget to add a picture to your profile.
  • Use the search before you ask a question, you might be surprised to find the answer.

Most important of all, share best practices, help others and be kind to one another!

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