Women's Day- Meet Iris

Women's Day- Meet Iris

We are proud to publicly celebrate Women's Day in Siemplify and Siemplify SOAR community. In Siemplify, we have an impressive percentage of women in the workforce and we are constantly working to increase that number. Just today, three new women joined the development team.

As part of our project to help you get to know Siemplify people - we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to introduce you to Iris Dreizenshtok, a Siemplify talented employee and a woman!

Iris is a front end developer; she studied computer science after starting pharmacy studies and changing her mind at the last minute.

Why did she change her mind? Iris was looking to challenge herself, and with zero computer experience, studying computers fit the bill. She soon realized that coding was a natural skill for her and Siemplify the perfect place to showcase her talents. A big smile, a great sense of humour, modesty, gratitude, a constant desire to learn new things, and an open mind make Iris a valuable coworker who creates a better work environment for all of us.

Besides work, Iris is also a talented baker who makes the most delicious cakes that will make you drool and a well-traveled hiker who created a successful travel blog with her partner.

If you knew Iris like we do, you would understand that we are not just glorifying her in the name of women's day; it's just a perfect opportunity to let you know how fabulous she is!

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