Meet the community team -Tom Fridman (Me)

Meet the community team -Tom Fridman (Me)

You've gotten to know our Community team in the last few months, but not all of us :wink: I'm excited to present you with the last Community Team member: me :)

My name is Tom (I know, I know, it's usually a boy's name).

So why am I writing about myself, you ask? 

Well, that's what I do in the Siemplify SOAR Community (Now Part of Google Cloud) team. 

I write the content, talk to you on Slack, emails, or LinkedIn, organize events, projects, and always think about how we can maximize the value you get from us as the Siemplify SOAR community.

Here are some fun facts about me (though it's extra hard to write these about yourself).

I love writing but was also diagnosed as dyslexic as a child - so if you find a spelling mistake in the community posts/graphics/messages, please send it to me and earn some points for helping create community content. (Ummm, maybe we should start a competition?)

I absolutely love music and dream of being a DJ as a side gig. I also started learning how to play the drums, but I wouldn't call myself a drummer yet. However, I do have some great playlists (important if you have a long shift in the SOC). 

After almost a decade working in nonprofits in the social field, I was a bit nervous to start managing this super professional and technological community. However, soon after I began, I found out that I love being part of this group of cybersecurity specialists.

Thank you all for letting me be a part of your world.

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