Meet The Community Team- Shir Savion

Meet The Community Team- Shir Savion

Do you remember the Phillips Hue integration we recently published? What about the webhook integration? Or the parking spaces use case? 

Did you know all three shared something in common (other than the power of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform)? 

The common thread is Shir Savion, our gifted community team Python engineer. Let us tell you about Shir by giving you a peek into her daily routine:

She walks every day to the office and is usually the first to arrive, wearing one of her signature "boho granny" outfits (which always invites compliments.)

Shir then sits down, and in just a couple of minutes, she will become one with her computer. 

She is a fantastic problem solver, and while seeking a solution to this or that, she unknowingly sings classic 80s songs aloud, making the office wonder if they are being treated to a live concert.

Shir has the most contagious laugh that makes you always want to be in on the joke, a sharp mind that makes you want to think outside the box, and unique skill for storytelling that makes you curious about the world.

We are grateful that Shir chose us!

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