Cyrus Robinson 24/7 block

Cyrus Robinson 24/7 block

After you implement Dor's enrichment block, we want to introduce you to Cyrus's 24/7 block, which won 2nd place in the community challenge and made the judges smile. We have a feeling that all of you will find it useful and like the creativity.

Cyrus explains:

This is our 24/7 Client Check Block. We recently moved to 24/7 SOC monitoring, and this block helps us ensure that we prioritize

investigating/responding to alerts for our 24/7 clients after hours and on weekends. This block is placed after initial tagging and noise reduction just before the case is assigned back to "Tier 1" from our "Delayed Playbooks" placeholder role used during initial tagging and enrichment.

Here it is, import it, try it, and share your thoughts :)

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