Toast of the Town- Andrew Cook, Director of Security Operations at Recon InfoSec

Toast of the Town- Andrew Cook, Director of Security Operations at Recon InfoSec

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1.What makes you excited about going to work every day?

Cybersecurity is full of fun and interesting problems. Every day is an opportunity to innovate, learn, solve, or build something new. When I get ahold of a problem or project that really resonates, I can’t get my mind off it. It’s even better getting to do it with an awesome team.

2.If you could change one thing about security operations with a snap of your finger, what would it be?

I’d want to make it completely unnecessary. Security operations exists because there are bad people that want to do bad things. These aren’t unavoidable accidents or natural disasters. Security is an enabler, but the only reason we’re helping the world make progress is because someone out there is trying to push us backwards.

3.Which security content do you like sharing with others or appreciate that is shared with you?

I enjoy a good podcast. I’ve probably got a podcast, security related or not, going through my ears most of the day and night. Looking at my recent queue and I see CISO Series, Security Now, Defense in Depth, and Risky Business. Always looking for more!

4.Tell us your work philosophy in 10 words or less.

Always be learning, teaching, solving, and treating others fairly.

5.What's your favorite thing to operate (other than security) and why?

I’ve gotten hooked on indoor bouldering. The sense of progress while focusing on having fun is addicting. It helps remind me that I’m more than a brain attached to a keyboard.

here is what Andrew had to say also as in another interview:

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