Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

We did not get a wink of sleep last night because we were so excited to reveal the Community Playbook Blocks challenge winners!

The winning blocks were creative, innovative, valuable, and definitely deserved to win!

It was a very close call and it was extremely tough for our judges that examined, reviewed, argued, gave a score, debated, argued a bit more, and finally reached a decision.

Soooo, let's welcome them with some crazy keyboard clicking- the winners!!!

In 3rd place (200$ Amazon gift card) - @Dor Gosher from Cybersixgill created a comprehensive enrichment block that is  plug & play and super easy (CyberSixgill Enrichment Block for SE)

In 2nd place (300$ Amazon gift cards) - @Cyrus Robinson us Robinson from Ingalls Information Security who shared a fantastic block solving an everyday problem so creatively that we are sure you'll find it extremely valuable (24-7 MDR Client Check Block)

In 1st place (500$ Amazon gift card) - The winner of this challenge is the incredible @Jason Crosby from Global Data Systems. He impressed all our judges by his technical use of the Siemplify platform and the logic behind his block. (External IP Enrichment-v2)

We will publish the winning blocks in a few days, and you can see for yourselves why they won.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who took part in this competition. We were really surprised and happy to receive so many fantastic Playbook blocks.

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