Community Block (#2) Challenge

Community Block (#2) Challenge

Have you created a Playbook Superblock, used it in all your playbooks, and saved yourself loads of time?

If so, you can enter our new Superblock community challenge and win a $500 Amazon gift card. Instructions

1. Each community member can send us up to 3 separate Playbook blocks

2. Each block will be sent in a separate zip file and include a description.

3. The judges will examine the block according to the criteria listed belowCriteria for a winner block

  1. The problem - to what extent is the block addressing a significant issue/problem from the security operation field?
  2. The solution - to what extent does the block resolve the issue?
  3. Plug and play - to what extent is the playbook/block easy to configure and start working with? (The fewer customized actions needed, the better)
  4. Unpaid integrations- to what extent the block contains unpaid integrations/tools/services (instead of one that demands special permissions and payment).
  5. Security Analyst - to what extent the block displays the information/results in an accessible way to the SOC analysts.


  • First Place: $500 Amazon gift card
  • Second Place: $300 Amazon gift card
  • Third Place: $200 Amazon gift card
  • The winning Playbook blocks will be published on the Siemplify Marketplace with the user's name on them.

When will it happen?

From November 1st to November 4th.

Are you ready?

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