Summing up the 3rd quarter at the community

Summing up the 3rd quarter at the community

So (dramatic pause), the third quarter of 2021 is over, and you are probably so busy with checking your KPI’s, showing what you and your teams have achieved, or that the work of the final quarter of this year is already so intense that you just can’t stop and take a look back. 

Either way, we wish to take a minute to see together what we had in our community during these last three months.  

1. We welcomed more than 500 new community members (hi guys, thank you for joining us).

2. Six new community integrations were published (this is so exciting, there’s no one like our Siemplify community developers).

3. We had one fantastic community challenge with one super talented winner (Marcel, we are still so very proud).

4. We had two community members that were chosen to be under the spotlight in our Community Toast of the Town. All of you got the chance to get to know more about our security operations professionals. (You intrigued us, John DePalma and Marcel) 

5. We opened a new community LinkedIn page for you to get all the updates with no additional effort. (are you following it?

6. We had one fantastic article written by our community domain expert (Cyrus Robinson, CISSP, CEH, CHFI, MCSE, MCITP, MCSA, we admire you)

7. And finally, we had hundreds of questions that had been asked and answered by you, our amazing community (Yeah, that’s the community spirit)

The next quarter will be so wild that we can’t talk about it cause we are afraid that the only thing coming out of our mouth is a roar. 

Let’s keep things moving! Excited to continue doing what we do with you!

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