Meet the community team- Tehila Gourary

Meet the community team- Tehila Gourary

We do our best because we have a dream to make this community the best place on earth for Cybersecurity specialists.

We fall asleep thinking about Community, wake up with new ideas, and call each other in the middle of the day in excitement when something new happens.

We are the Siemplify SOAR community team, and, as we’re getting to know all of you, we think it will be fun if you get to know us too.

So, meet Tehila Gourary, the smiling lady in the picture.

Tehila is one of our amazing developers on the community team and is currently living in Madrid, Spain. Yep, we're jealous too.

When Tehila gets her hands on code, we are all wondering if her fingers actually did something or it's some kind of magic floating above the keyboard.

When in a zoom session with Tehila, don't be surprised if she mutes herself for a second for a quick chat with her Labrador.

If you're developing in the IDE and don't know where to start or you're trying to find your way around the Siemplify platform, don't worry, Tehila is here, and she's the perfect person to help you solve these questions and so much more. Most importantly, she will always do it with a smile.

If you haven't met Tehila yet, it's not too late to get busy with your Community Edition and contact Tehila for questions. We are positive you won't regret it.

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