Dynamic list (TTLs on each entries/rows)

Dynamic list (TTLs on each entries/rows)

Dear Community,

It seems to me that this concept of Dynamic list is not yet available in Siemplify.

Sometimes, we have to use lists to store values in a permanent way and some other times in a temporary way.

In this second scenario, a concept of dynamic list with TTLs affected to each row/entry of the list can be very interesting as it will permit to easily store data for a defined amount of time and, at TTL expiration, the entry will be automatically purged from the list without requiering any action.

With this feature we can imagine usages like for example whitelists or blacklists with values that will only be in the list for a specific, and defined when adding the entry, amount of time.

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  • Marek KreulMarek Kreul Siemplify Gold Member

    in fact a very good idea. We're using Custom List entries for exactly the whitelisting (specifically: TEMPORARY whitelisting) purpose, and we constantly need to keep in mind that we need to remove the temporary whitelisting after either some defined time or when the final whitelisting is implemented in SIEM.

    Having a TTL on the entry would remove this burden from us, AND it would have a lot of other uses as well.

  • Dear Marek,

    Thanks a lot for confirming that we are not the only ones with this kind of needs :)

    Kind regards,


  • Cyrus RobinsonCyrus Robinson Siemplify Champion

    This would be a fantastic improvement that would make maintaining those lists much easier over time.

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