Webhook integration/feature

Webhook integration/feature

General idea is, for example, to send links/generate clickable buttons (via email, Teams, Slack, Jira, etc...) to end users with kind of yes/no choice that will trigger a playbook based on the answer.

I know that this is possible using email for end users to answer but we would like not to rely only on email but to also use other solutions like instant messaging with Teams (Teams Cards), Slack or ticketing systems with Jira, etc..

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  • yogevyogev Member

    Hi Louis

    I did something similar. I used an HTML based mail forms in an automation. The process was as follows:

    1. Alert is fired
    2. Playbook starts
    3. Playbook sends an email with a YES/No question and a button
    4. user clicks on the button, resulting in a response email created to the Siemplify mailbox. the response email includes the answer
    5. Siemplify automation waits for email response. once email arrives Siemplify reacts based on the response.
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