Email STARTTLS Support

Email STARTTLS Support

I've noticed that with the email settings and the emailv2 integration, there is no option to use STARTTLS. The only options are plain text (which is awful if you are using authentication since your creds would be exposed) or implicit SSL (commonly over TCP 465 most of the time).

Not having STARTTLS is a problem when sending email notifications via something like office365 because there is no option to use implicit SSL since they use the submission port 587 which only accepts STARTTLS or plain text. This is a security concern for obvious reasons.

My idea would be to simply add support for STARTTLS on the email settings in Siemplify as well as any email integrations.

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  • Marek KreulMarek Kreul Siemplify Gold Member

    @Tom Fridman or others: Could you please look into this? Is this really an issue, or is there some "magic" done by the code that detects STARTTLS requirement and enables it?

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