"Toast of the Town" - Cyrus Robinson (SOC Director & IR Team Lead at Ingalls Information Security)

"Toast of the Town" - Cyrus Robinson (SOC Director & IR Team Lead at Ingalls Information Security)

1 - What makes you excited about going to work every day?

What gets me most excited about going to work every day is getting to work with a team of cybersecurity professionals who are passionate doing work that matters.

2 - If you could change one thing about security operations with a snap of your finger, what would it be?

I think that SecOps is an afterthought or seen as a "nice to have" for many organizations, and this unfortunate perspective results in so many incidents and breaches. For many organizations, Cybersecurity is just a series of checkboxes that need to be met to ensure "compliance", and they roll the dice when they try to get by with as little as possible for as long as possible. When Cybersecurity is an afterthought rather than a priority, it's really just a matter of when, not if, they find themselves victims of an incident. While I'm always happy to work with organizations helping them to learn and recover from an incident, I would much rather help a client remain secure from an incident than to recover from one. So if I had my Cybersecurity Infinity Gauntlet, the one thing I'd change is to have organizations prioritize Cybersecurity... before a breach occurs.

3 - Which security content do you like sharing with others or appreciate that is shared with you?

I think there are a lot of threat intelligence and OSINT sources out there providing invaluable content, but my favorite content would probably be the more narrative-based Cybersecurity podcasts like Darknet Diaries or Malicious Life.

4 - Tell us your work philosophy in 10 words or less.

Learn to learn. Push buttons. Break things. Fix things. Push limits.

5 - What’s your favourite thing to operate (other than security) and why?

My dad's truck. My dad bought a brand new Chevy Silverado in 2005, and right after I got done with USAF Basic Training and Tech School later that year we went on a road trip together in his truck. He passed away in January 2018, but I still love driving his truck, listening to his favorite music and radio stations, and reminiscing on the great memories we had together.

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