Support of AMQP protocol (event streams) for connectors

Support of AMQP protocol (event streams) for connectors

Marc JavetMarc Javet Siemplify Gold Member

As in the developers-hub discussed with Antoine the support of AMQP protocol for streaming API "events" would be a big advantage.

In our opinion message-broker services should be preferred over REST for connectors (even for remote agent communications) as it provides more reliability, flexibility as well as simplicity and would significantly improve the performance overall.

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  • AntoineAntoine Siemplify Champion
    edited March 2021

    I completely agree with what @Marc and I briefly discussed about.

    "Just thought the whole approach out of one box (i.e. Siemplify Integration with a AMQP Connector) respectively not to need two tools to serve one integration would be the better solution."

    See thread for more context.

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