Number Alerts on a Case and on Corresponding Insights

Number Alerts on a Case and on Corresponding Insights

The autoscroll feature when selecting alerts towards the edge of the screen in the latest update can make it confusing when trying to determine which alert you currently have selected. Our team thinks this would be a useful feature, but it would be especially useful with autoscrolling.

Essentially, it would be helpful if each alert on a case were numbered, and if a general or entity insight is generated for an alert or from a playbook on an alert to have those numbered to match as well.

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  • ShakedTalShakedTal Community Team

    Hi @Cyrus Robinson , as you know in 6.0 version the Case Overview is now in a separate tab from the Alert overview and each tab displays information related either to the overall Case or to the specific Alert. As we have changed the Case overview this idea will not be implemented, however we will implement it in the Case Wall where the alert dropdown will include numbers on each alert.

  • Cyrus RobinsonCyrus Robinson Siemplify Champion

    I love the way it's laid out in 6.0! I showed it to my analysts, and they love it as well. Thanks for the continuous improvement!

  • ShakedTalShakedTal Community Team

    Thank you for your feedback @Cyrus Robinson, I am so happy to hear that you like it😃

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