New Siemplify Swag Store Released!

New Siemplify Swag Store Released!

Hi Siemplifiers, 

We at Siemplify see your involvement, the help you provide others, the ideas you offer in our innovation hub and the way that this impacts our community - making it a better place to be in. 

Did you know that for every contribution to the Community you earn points? This is why we are extremely excited to announce the release of our Siemplify Community SWAG STORE

The points you earn in the Community can now be redeemed in our Swag Store. So don’t wait!  Start earning points by actively participating in Siemplify Community - raise ideas, post best practices, help others, vote, comment, like... and more.

Click here and start SOARing in style! 

So what are the steps to redeem your community points?

Enjoy 🤗

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