Dynamic Advanced Editor Re-Sizing Option.

Dynamic Advanced Editor Re-Sizing Option.

FitzyFitzy Siemplify Gold Member

This is more of a quality of life improvement, I would like to request the Advanced Text box be dynamically sizeable via a pully like given on the Alert / Case data to the right. I believe this improvement will make Long notes (height wise) / comments easier to read and edit.

For example I would like to be able to drag the text box up to give me more space to write my triage notes / comment. In most circumstances there is a large patch of empty space in-between the insights and the Playbook / Advanced Text input. I would like the option to pull the Advanced Text Editor to fill this space when writing long notes / comments.

It is sometimes difficult to read read and select certain parts large notes with the the scrolling function which is currently the only option available. The Case, Entities and Alert Data to the side have a dynamically movable to move it to half of the available case wall so it would be nice to also have the option with the Advanced Text bar.

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