QOL: Auto focus the text input box when I open a modal!

QOL: Auto focus the text input box when I open a modal!

Big quality of life improvement here, can I please request that when a dialog/modal/page opens, if it has a "main" text input like to search it needs to auto focus so I don't start typing, expecting it to work!

Two examples:

Run manual action

This one is the biggest nuisance I've noted so far and is still an issue in 5.6 - You click the button to run a manual action, and the modal pops up with a list of your integrations and actions. The input search box flashes with a cursor for a brief moment, until the integrations list finishes loading and the focus is removed from that box. You type on the keyboard and... Nothing happens. Every. Time.

Comment "Advanced Editor"

(The "T" button at the bottom of the case comment bar.)

When I click the "T" icon to enter the advanced editor, the text input box should be focused automatically. Saves one extra click, but helps optimize your workflow that little bit more and is generally a better UX.

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