"Toast of the Town" - Mike Brown (Chief Executive Officer at SY4 Security)

"Toast of the Town" - Mike Brown (Chief Executive Officer at SY4 Security)

1 - What makes you excited about going to work every day?

I get to stop bad guys from hurting businesses and people. Our company provides advanced cyber security services that have helped law enforcement in the arrest and incarceration of cyber criminals (that rarely happens so when it does it’s a sweet day!).

I know our team have done something very special when the CIO of one of our customers travels to the SOC to personally thank the team for saving them from a breach, it is very rewarding.

2 - If you could change one thing about security operations with a snap of your finger, what would it be?

Eliminate the silos that all companies have. These silos create cracks in the network because every silo changes their part of the network in isolation, and often without considering the security implications. The larger the company, the worse the problem is. It is one of the top reasons' criminals win, because there are always gaps for them to exploit.

3 - Which security content do you like sharing with others or appreciate that is shared with you?

This is the golden age of cyber-crime. These criminal organization are well funded, have access to the most advanced technology and for the most part are above the law. These criminal groups often share information and strategies on successful and unsuccessful attacks because they understand that with greater knowledge, they will be successful more often.

Conversely, commercial organisations are very hesitant to share information on attacks with competitors or even partners.

We have reached a point where we must come together as a community to openly collaborate and share information if we are to build cyber security programs that defeat the criminals who target us.

This requires trust. Companies need a forum in which they can openly share details of a breach so that collectively we can stop that attack happening again.

Technology alone cannot stop the onslaught of cyber-attacks. We must fundamentally change the way we respond to an attack, if collectively we want to win.

4 - Tell us your work philosophy in 10 words or less.

Set goals that scare you. If they don’t, they are too low.

5 - What’s your favourite thing to operate (other than security) and why?

I am a huge sportsman and love shooting competitions.

The more I try, the more I improve and the more I win, and I like to win.

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